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Resilient Planet

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Very long (more than 4 hrs), Short (less than 40 min), Very short (less than 10 min)

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The JASON Project Filament Games


An offshore oil platform located in the Gulf of Mexico is scheduled to be dismantled via explosives. The local marine life, including two endangered sea turtle species (hawksbills and leatherbacks), is vulnerable to damage and thus needs to be protected throughout the process at all costs. In Mission 2 of Resilient Planet, players step into the role of a NOAA marine ecologist and licensed operator of the Hercules ROV working to decode a complex ecosystem according to the scientific process. Aided by archaeologist and oceanographer Bob Ballard, and equipped with a host of authentic scientific tools and practices, they must navigate the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in search of data that will help them protect the local marine life.