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Playing Science
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Quest Atlantis

Grade Level:

4-6, 7-9

Game Length:

Very long (more than 4 hrs)

Teaching Materials:

External Review:


The Center for Research on Learning and Technology at the School of Education, Indiana University, Bloomington


In Quest Atlantis, there are a number of ways in which Questers can participate, in which these ideas are integrated, but three structures are most evident: Quests, Missions, and Units.

* Quests are curricular tasks that serve as important scaffolds to virtual and real-world explorations, to ensure effective content learning. Each Quest is connected both to academic standards and to our Social Commitments.

* Missions are collections of multiple learning opportunities and tasks interrelated through some general problem and narrative. While some Missions are entirely voluntary and are open to all Questers, others include Quests or classroom activities and must be activated by teachers.

* Units offer teachers an organized lesson plan of real-world and virtual activities that help to explore a particular content area. Each unit is designed to provide a meaningful learning experience that is engaging and educational, and that concerns real-world issues.

Quest Atlantis provides students entire worlds in which they are central, important participants; a place where their actions have significant impact on the world, and a place in which what one knows is directly related to what they are able to do and, ultimately, who they can become.