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Playing Science
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Coaster Creator

Grade Level:

4-6, 7-9, 9-12, 13-16

Game Length:

Very short (less than 10 min)

Teaching Materials:

External Review:


The JASON Project and Filament Games


Rapid energy transfer is the key to roller coaster thrills but be careful - too much kinetic energy and you'll crash, too little and you'll stall. Students use their knowledge of potential energy and kinetic energy to design their own coaster. Only the most skilled Coaster Creators make it onto the competitive leaderboard! Teachers, don't forget to check out the downloadable resources for educators, available in the JASON Mission Center.

* Design their own coaster cars to create a unique coaster. Anyone care to take a ride on the Blazing Blue Shark?
* Make a track from scratch where they have to have just the right amount of energy to get the coaster going but make sure it stops in time!
* Engage in a fun, meaningful exercise that translates the complexity of potential and kinetic energy into intuitive understanding
* Observe real-time transfers of energy between kinetic, potential, and dissipated energy
* Learn to interpret the data generated by their coasters in order iterate their design, try for great success, and improve their score